2013 YorkU President’s Creative Writing Awards.

This year I was lucky enough to walk away with the 2013 President’s Prize for Fiction, Prize for Stage Play and the Babs Burggraf Award in Creative Writing. It was a nice way to end my time as an undergraduate student. Also, novelist Nino Ricci spoke at the ceremony. His book ‘Lives of the Saints’ was coincidentally the first I was ever assigned to read at York, so his appearance served as a nice bookend to the past four years.

From left, Martin Singer, me, Michael Helm and David Goldstein

I’m particularly proud to have received the fiction prize this year because I worked really damn hard on the story I submitted. It’s called ‘Sir and Killer.’ It took me about a month (my entire Christmas break) to write, which is longer than anything else I’ve ever worked on. It started out as the first story I’d ever written in third person, but then Jess reminded me I’m terrible at writing in third person, so I changed it to first. So big thank you to her, not only for that suggestion, but also for helping me edit the entire piece.

And big congrats to Sara and Matthew and Dylan and Ben, all of whom were in my program and got awarded with prizes and honourable mentions for work that’s probably a lot better than mine. Here’s a picture of us and other winners at the ceremony…

From left, Benny, Yeah-Yeah, Tommy, Timmy, Ben, Dylan, me, Sara and Matthew


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