Comic book (and six forthcoming publications).

I wrote and illustrated my very first comic zine/chapbook. It’s called You Are Someone Who Exists. It’s about boys becoming men, and men becoming legendary. It’s probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. I’m really, really proud of it.

-1You Are Someone Who Exists took me about a week to make. I worked on it every night between midnight and three in the morning, while listening to Howard Stern and eating too much popcorn. Occasionally Jess (roommate/publisher/old lady) would walk by, and take a look at whatever page I was on, and offer feedback. I wrote down some of her best comments:

‘No one entertains Mark Jordan Manner quite like Mark Jordan Manner.’

‘I keep expecting there to be a punchline, and then there’s not. It’s just unsettling.’

‘This is so fucking stupid.’


The comic is published by Grow & Grow. This means it looks way better than it probably should, designed and hand-bound by Jess. It’s 48 pages, and includes 52 individual little comic strips inside. Loose Ends is doing a run of 50 copies, so if you’re interested in buying one, or learning more about it, click HERE.

In other news, I have stories forthcoming in Echolocation’s The Chase, Paper Darts Volume 5, Ricepaper, Riddle Fence, The Antigonish Review and Prairie Fire. I think the first two will be out this month. I’ll post again if this turns out to be true.


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