Novella: A Short Story

My first ever chapbook was recently released by Grow & Grow. It’s a short story called Novella: A Short Story. It’s about a poet (fictional) named Novella Ebony Danger and a prose writer (fictional) named The Prose Writer. It’s a love story. It’s also (sort of) a satire on literature, too, maybe, perhaps, or not. What does ‘satire’ mean again?

What I do know is it’s the most surreal thing I’ve ever written. My mom compared it to the film Big Fish, which I think is pretty accurate. No cameo appearances by Steve Buscemi or Danny DeVito , however. But there IS one scene featuring Billy Crudup carrying Albert Finney through a crowd of cheering people…that ends in death.

The chapbook is also accompanied by an even chappier chapbook entitled Until the Morning, a collection of poems written by my real life favourite poet, Jessica Bebenek, in the voice of my made up favourite poet, Novella Ebony Danger. Until the Morning is really raw and funny and adds a new layer to the story, and I’m happy to announce that both books will be made available (together) for purchase on the Grow & Grow website in the next few days, or on Jess’s Live Equal Arts Etsy page right now.

But in the meantime, please enjoy this picture of me enjoying the Grow & Grow book launch. This is what I look like when I’m having fun.



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