True love.

I wrote a story that’s been published by one of my favourite literary magazines Little Fiction and can be read HERE. It’s called True Love Will Find You In The End. It’s about a dying cat. It was inspired by my cat dying. Her name was Millie and she was like a dog. I used to sit on the couch and write while Millie would bunch her body against my thigh and I’d pet her with one hand and type with the other. It used to take an extremely long time to complete a story.

milI couldn’t decide if I wanted to post the picture above because 1) I’m shirtless, and 2) I’m wearing that pink hat, but it’s the picture that best illustrates true love between man and cat. We’d hold each other in that pose for hours. I hope they have access to Little Fiction in cat heaven.

In other writing news, I finished my novel. It is a 86,978-word document on a USB beside my laptop and is already collecting dust.

In other-other writing news, I answered some questions about writing dialogue-only stories for the Bartleby Snopes Writing Tips blog. They also have an old story of mine featured on their website this week. It was originally published in their print magazine about three years ago, my first ever publication. It’s a bit painful seeing something I wrote three or four-ish years ago get published again now, but there are still a few gems I’m able to stand behind:

“The knife had an orange grip and an eight-inch blade.  It was a hunting knife.  He used it to scalp the girl, carving the blonde tresses from her skull, leaving her bloody and bald.  She screamed without making sound.  Mark laughed. He stuck the girl’s scalp onto his own head and started dancing around the room.  Naked.  ‘Look at me,’ he said.  ‘I’m a pretty lady.  Everybody look at me.'”

Read the rest of the story HERE.


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